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H TOS Hirr-ruoi-DT.                395
chancellor in keeping1 all talem&d crr^t r^ien out of
office. The spirit of the JLord lias liefer: ed tL« old
sinner, and His blessing has been taken iram kirn, for
not king succeeds and nothing flourishes under Ms
It &eems tiiat Hiunboldt, when lie receive*! tke
ann-jiinceinent of iliis appointment, at once resigned,
cit-riiaiiclecl ids dismissal; for in August the ivport
witi circulated that HTimboldt had sent in Ms re-
quest tor a dismissal,               lie                to retire.
All these reports were, however,                    as it-
seems that tlie consideration of Humboldt's
to  the            congress  of
which         to          place at Aix-la-
In   Se|jteml>er? Alexander  visited   his brother   in
London.    He          from Paris         was proceeding to
AOL, whither the king, who seemed to take
pleasure in Ms society, had summoned Mm.    William
was also summoned to be present, but did not leaye
until         weeks later than his "brother.    He did
return to London, and Freiherr Ton Billow at the
head of           for several
From Ais, Hnmboldt proceeded to FjcaiŁkfiirt?
the former territorial                                          con-
cluded their former labours. IFrom Frankfort, Hum-
boldt proceeded to Berlin^ where Hardenberg was
obliged reluctantly to appoint him to the ministry of
the interior, which        divided into two tranches for
the                 The Count von "Witzlefoezj, adjutant and
confidant of the king, ,a liberal-minded man, wished
for Ms presence to         a          on Hazdeiiberg*,
Ms   influence   with          Mug  to   procure
appointment.    Hiunboldt         appointed               of
the interior?   in eonjiraction   "with the               Voaa
Shuckmann, but their   departments   were              ;
Huxoboldt              nanied comnii^ioiier of         prin-
cipality of NenfehateL
"When Hnmboldt succeeded to                     on the
12th August, 1818, the political horizon was darken-